How to select EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors for potentially explosive (Ex) atmospheres?

To help you with the Ex-sensor selection, we have created a selection guide. The guide gives a detailed comparison of Ex d, Ex e, and Ex i type sensors, which all are available as EPIC® SENSORS.

Guide comprises details of:

  • Which Ex Zone (0, 1, 2, 20, 21 or 22) are the sensors applicable for?
  • Which sensor types are available for each protection type (Ex d, Ex e and Ex i)?
  • What are the certificates for each type?
  • How to execute the measuring circuit for each protection type?

The guide can be downloaded here.

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In September 2022, Ex i certification was granted for EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors. Ex i certified temperature sensors can be used in explosive environments. Uncertified sensors can also be used...

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We have granted a five (5) year product warranty for our EPIC SENSORS® temperature sensors since 2015!

We rely on the craftsmanship and quality of our temperature sensor manufacturing and want it to...

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