Why is 4-wire connection recommended with Pt100 Class A (acc. to IEC 60751)?

Only 4-wire connection is completely compensating the wire resistance effect of the whole cable circuit. With 2- or 3-wire connections there might be possibility to manually program the measured cable resistance as a transmitter parameter to correct the final readout. But even in these cases the parameter is correct only at the ambient temperature of the moment of measuring the cable. The measurement circuit loses its accuracy if the ambient temperature changes. The 4-wire connection compensates also ambient temperature variations. The Class A Pt100 RTDs are meant for accurate temperature measurement, that’s why the wire connection should always be implemented with 4 wires. More details on page How does a Pt100 sensor work?


New name for the temperature sensors.

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SKS Group signed an agreement with German LAPP Holding and Swedish Axel Johnson International regarding an acquisition of companies that belong to SKS Group.

The board of SKS Group has confirmed the...

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Data collected from processes and machinery can only be as accurate as the measurements and sensors used. As a result, Lapp Automaatio approaches the industrial IoT particularly from the perspective...

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