Why is 4-wire connection recommended with Pt100 Class A (acc. to IEC 60751)?

Only 4-wire connection is completely compensating the wire resistance effect of the whole cable circuit. With 2- or 3-wire connections there might be possibility to manually program the measured cable resistance as a transmitter parameter to correct the final readout. But even in these cases the parameter is correct only at the ambient temperature of the moment of measuring the cable. The measurement circuit loses its accuracy if the ambient temperature changes. The 4-wire connection compensates also ambient temperature variations. The Class A Pt100 RTDs are meant for accurate temperature measurement, that’s why the wire connection should always be implemented with 4 wires. More details on page How does a Pt100 sensor work?


Precise temperature measurement is vital for vaccine transportation. One must get immediate information, if the temperature level fluctuates. For example, most vaccines for COVID-19 must be stored...

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Update 25.3.2020

Dear customers, 

The Corona virus epidemic still has no significant impact on our performance. Products stored in Finland we continue delivering within the normal delivery times....

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Our customer service and sales will be closed throughout the Christmas week, December 23-27.
From Monday December 30 onward, it's business as usual again.

Please send your orders to us no later than...

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