EPIC® SENSORS Thermocouples for Cryogenic measurements

Precise temperature measurement is vital for vaccine transportation. One must get immediate information, if the temperature level fluctuates. For example, most vaccines for COVID-19 must be stored in -70 °C temperature through the storage and transportation phases.

Our solution, is the super accurate, and precise mineral insulated thermocouple. With a temperature range, from -200 to +350 °C, this product is suitable for all your temperature measurement requirements. In addition to the sensor's high accuracy level, the tip is conveniently bendable and vibration proof.  

-  We have a track record of over 20 years in temperature measurement, in the pharmaceutical industry, says Markus Saarela, Export Manager at Lapp Automaatio. Combining our expertise, and the high quality products with a 5 year warranty, you can truly count on correct temperature measurements, he states. Check out the parameters of the product below!

Click the picture for more information of the product!

For more information, let our expert help you, please contact: 

Markus Saarela, p. +358 20 764 6736


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