Lapp Automaatio has a strong focus on renewable energy and Bio Power

Lapp Automaatio is now a member of cleantech community Cleantech Finland. Cleantech Finland brings together Finnish high-tech companies in the effort to build clean technologies as part of Finland´s competitive advantage.

Lapp Automaatio is a member of cleantech community Cleantech Finland.  

Cleantech Finland brings together Finnish high-tech companies in the effort to build clean technologies as part of Finland´s competitive advantage. Cleantech cooperation involves both national and international networking with various actors. Cleantech Finland is a network of top cleantech companies and experts.

“Renewable energy and Bio power plays an increasingly important role in today’s global markets. Lapp Automaatio is a part of the value chain for both of these growing industry segments by providing temperature measurement sensors for customers that operate in these sectors”, says Janne Talvitie, Business Development Manager in Lapp Automaatio.

EPIC SENSORS® temperature sensors are manufactured using the best and most accurate measurement components. When necessary, sensors can be calibrated to ensure accurate temperature readings. The use of such highly accurate sensors guarantees the correct process temperatures across different industries. This is particularly important in energy production, which requires extremely accurate temperatures that match specifications in order to ensure high-quality and efficient process control. This helps to minimize energy use and optimize fuel consumption.

Lapp Automaatio is proud to be part of the value chain, by delivering temperature measurements to clients serving as equipment manufacturers, equipment operators (e.g. energy companies) or biofuel manufacturers in the renewable energy industry. We are delighted to see our products contributing towards efforts to make more efficient use of natural resources and reduce the burden on the environment.

We also provide temperature measurements for operators of industrial machinery, in order to monitor the health of equipment such as bearings and to determine the need for proactive maintenance. These measurements help to ensure timely maintenance when needed. We are targeting to help to reduce the need for the scheduled maintenance of manufacturing equipment and optimize maintenance work by using real-time data to pinpoint actual maintenance needs. The solution has a direct and measurable effect in reducing the environmental burden. 

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Janne Talvitie
Business Development Manager, Industrial IoT


Lapp Automaatio now offers the possibility to install the IoTKey® wireless measurement and remote monitoring system in hazardous industrial environments.

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