Lapp Automaatio temperature measurements help reduce the environmental load of energy production

Lapp Automaatio promotes the efficient and environmentally friendly use of natural resources by supplying EPIC® SENSORS temperature measurements to component manufacturers, biofuel producers, and operators in the renewable energy industry.


A high-quality and energy-efficient industrial process control requires that temperatures in the various stages of the process correspond accurately to their reference values. EPIC SENSORS® temperature sensors are manufactured using the measurement elements of the highest accuracy class and calibrated for the object of application to improve precision. This procedure has a direct positive impact on minimising energy use and optimising fuel consumption in energy production.

Lapp Automaatio also supplies temperature measurements for use in the maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment, such as the temperature monitoring of bearings and preventive maintenance. Precise measurements ensure that the maintenance of equipment is timely and on-demand. After maintenance work is optimised to match actual needs, the regularly scheduled servicing of equipment decreases, reducing the overall load on the environment.


The Finnish summer is very short!

That’s why we close an hour earlier on summer Fridays.
Lapp Automatio's sales offices in Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu opening hours
on summer Fridays from June...

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As of 3.11.2021, Lapp Automaatio is ISO 14001 certified. Read what it means to us now and in the future.

- The standard helps us to constantly improve our operations based on environmentally adapted...

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Krister Karlsson has been appointed Managing Director and member of the board of Lapp Automaatio as of October 1, 2021. Krister is also Director of the Nordic Cluster in LAPP Group, as well as...

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