EPIC® SENSORS WLT 310 wireless transmitter is certified for LoRaWAN® data transmission networks

Lapp Automaatio’s WLT 310 wireless transmitter has been granted a LoRaWAN® certificate – the very first to be granted in Finland for equipment designed for industrial use.

The LoRa Alliance CertifiedCM certification verifies that the IoTKey® WLT 310 transmitter works faultlessly online and causes no interruptions to data transmission.

Indeed, Lapp Automaatio has taken demanding industrial and environmental conditions fully into account in designing the WLT 310 transmitter, making it possible to measure many different variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, vibration and oil quality. The device independently monitors the measurement targets, and wirelessly generates an alarm if limit values are exceeded. The WLT 310 transmitter is compatible with LoRaWAN® networks in countries where the 868 MHz frequency band is in use.

IoTKey® WLT 310 TransmitterThe WLT 310 wireless transmitter is an ideal product for all parties interested in employing LoRaWAN solutions in developing smart cities of the future, or in streamlining and automating industrial production, or in improving agricultural productivity. Public LoRaWAN networks are already in use in many European countries and more are constantly being constructed. The public LoRaWAN network in Finland has been built and is operated by Digita Oy.

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Further information
Lapp Automaatio Oy
Janne Talvitie
Business Development Manager, Industrial IoT

IoTKey® is a registered trademark of Lapp Automaatio Oy.

IoTKey®-transmitter WLT 310 is a LoRaWAN® CertifiedCM product. Lapp Automaatio Oy is a LoRa Alliance® Member.

LoRa Alliance®, LoRa Allicance® Member, LoRaWAN®, and LoRaWAN CertifiedCM are marks used under license from the LoRa Alliance®.


Lapp Automaatio now offers the possibility to install the IoTKey® wireless measurement and remote monitoring system in hazardous industrial environments.

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