Compression fittings AISI 316

Compression fittings are used with sensing inserts or sensors without wells. The immersion depth of sensing insert can be adjusted, when installing on a thread. Compression fittings have metal ferrules inside. Ferrules are made of stainless steel SS316L (other materials and sizes available upon request). Single or double ferrules are used depending on the inner diameter. By screwing the cap down, the ferrule is permanently pressed on the sensing element. This connection is pressure resistant, which is also reason for the alias name; compression fitting.

Gland couplings available are:

Product numberType - thread - inner diameter
875823 Compression fitting G½-6 mm
1001171 Compression fitting G½-12 mm
914413 Compression fitting G½-15 mm
1010922 Compression fitting G¼-1.5 mm
911898 Compression fitting G¼-3 mm
911897 Compression fitting G¼-4.5 mm
920701 Compression fitting G¼-6 mm
920587 Compression fitting G1/8-1.5 mm
919178 Compression fitting G1/8-3 mm
1090957 Compression fitting G1/8-1 mm
1062720 Compression fitting M8x1-1.5 mm
911908 Compression fitting M8x1-3 mm
1040461 Compression fitting MI8x1.5-6 mm
914237 Compression fitting NPT1/4-3 mm
1066586 Compression fitting NPT1/4-6 mm
1001559 Compression fitting NPT1/8-3 mm
1066584Compression fitting NPT1/8-6 mm
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