Acid proof resistance sensor


Acid proof resistance sensor is designed for food industry.
EPIC® SENSORS products can be customized according to your needs!


  • Temperature sensor for hygienic installations
  • All parts made of acid proof steel
  • Temperature range -200...+550 °C
  • Pt100 accuracy class A as a standard, more accurate on request
  • Mounting by welding or with clamp connection
  • Thermowell material according to the application
  • Replaceable inner element, MI-construction, vibration proof
  • Tailored solutions according to specific needs

Typical Applications

  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Process industry
  • Energy and power plant technology
  • Machinery, plant and vessel construction.

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Drawing 1 - version ...CLAMP...

Dimensions 1, data sheet 13
Dimensions of version ...CLAMP... with clamp flange thermowell

Drawing 2 - version ...S...

Dimensions 2, data sheet 13
Dimensions of version ...S... with welded ball thermowell

Technical data

Thermowell material

AISI 316L, max. temp. +550 °C, temporarily +600 °C
other materials on request

Tolerances Pt100 (IEC 60751)

- A, tolerance +/- 0.15 + 0.002 x t, operating temperature -100...+450 °C
- B, tolerance +/- 0.3 + 0.005 x t, operating temperature -196...+600 °C
- B 1/3 DIN, tolerance +/- 1/3 x (0.3 + 0.005 x t), operating temperature -196...+600 °C
- B 1/10 DIN, tolerance +/- 1/10 x (0.3 + 0.005 x t), operating temperature -196...+600 °C

Temperature range Pt100

-200...+550 °C



Quality certificate

ISO 9001:2015 issued by DNV


IP65, higher IP-class on request

Hygienic well + Pt100 sensing element - example code:


Code key, data sheet 13
Click to open the code key image for non-certified versions


Pt100 wire colors
Pt100 wire colors

Installation example

Installation, data sheet 13
Installation example of the welded version S, non-certified.
Download Format
Acid proof resistance sensor .pdf


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