The fastest surface sensor with silicone patch in the market! Quick to install and perfect to monitor that temperature in your process.


  • Temperature range -40...+180 °C
  • Pt100 temperature sensor, accuracy class A, as a standard
  • EMI shielded versions available
  • ELASTOSIL® RT 607 A/B silicone material
  • Silver plated fine strand copper wires
  • Structured with cable or twisted wires.


  • Aluminum tape on measuring surface
  • Thermocouple instead of Pt100

Typical applications

  • Energy and power plant engineering
  • Process industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Machinery, plant and vessel construction

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Technical data

Tolerances Pt100
(IEC 60751)

A, tolerance +/- 0,15 + 0,002 x t, operating temperature -100...+450 °C 
B, tolerance +/- 0,3 + 0,005 x t, operating temperature -196...+600 °C
B 1/3 DIN, tolerance +/- 1/3 x (0,3 + 0,005 x t), operating temperature -196...+600 °C
B 1/10 DIN, tolerance +/- 1/10 x (0,3 + 0,005 x t), operating temperature -196...+600 °C
(t = temperature °C)

Tolerances TC 
(IEC 60584)

Type J: tolerance class 1 = -40...375 °C +/- 1,5 °C, 375...750 °C +/- 0,004 x t
Type K and N: tolerance class 1 = -40...375 °C +/- 1,5 °C, 375...1000 °C +/- 0,004 x t
(t = temperature °C)

Cable materials

SIL = 4,8/4x0,22/+180°C, silicone insulation on outer jacket  
FEP = 3,0/4x0,22/+205°C, FEP insulation on outer jacket and wires
FDF = 3,4/4x0,22/+205°C, FEP insulation on outer jacket and wires, EMI shielded with silver plated copper wire braid, 90% nominal coverage
SDS = silicone insulated jacket, Shield, Silicone insulated wires, only 2-wire cable, +180°C, +180°C
FDS = FEP insulated jacket, Shield, Silicone insulated wires, +180°C

Wire materials
(when no cable is being used)

2 wires = FEP insulated twisted wires 2x0,22/+205°C
3 wires = FEP insulated twisted wires 3x0,22/+205°C
4 wires = FEP insulated twisted wires 4x0,22/+205°C

Temperature range

-40...+180 °C (mittapään käyttölämpötila-alue)



Quality certificate

ISO 9001:2015 issued by DNV


IP65, higher IP-class on request

Silicone patch sensor - example code:



Installation example


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