Welded temperature sensor


Welded temperature sensor with standard or tailored cooling neck.
EPIC® SENSORS is the best choice for your process!


  • According to DIN 43772 form 4
  • Temperature range - 200...+1200 °C
  • Pt100 or thermocouple (TC)
  • With welded thermowell
  • Thermowell material according to the application
  • Pt100, accuracy class A, as a standard, more accurate on request
  • TC, class 1 as a standard
  • Replaceable inner element, MI-construction
  • Tailored solutions according to specific needs
  • ATEX-version Ex db also available
  • Standard cooling neck length 145 mm, others on request.

Typical Applications

  • Energy and power plant technology
  • Process industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Machinery, plant and vessel construction.

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Dimensions, data sheet 4

Technical data

Thermowell Material

K = AISI 316L max. temp. +550 °C
L = 13CrMo44/1.7335 max. temp. +550 °C
M = 10CrMo910/1.7380 max. temp. +580 °C
O = 16Mo3/1.5415 max. temp. +480 °C
Ti Gr2
Other materials available on request: Ti Gr2, Duplex, 1.4307 etc.

Thermowell type

D1/D2, D4/D5, D3/D6
According to DIN 43772 Form 4 , others on request

Tolerances Pt100 (IEC 60584)

A, tolerance +/- 0,15 + 0,002 x t, operating temperature -100...+450 °C
B, tolerance +/- 0,3 + 0,005 x t, operating temperature -196...+600 °C
B 1/3 DIN, tolerance +/- 1/3 x (0,3 + 0,005 x t), operating temperature -196...+600 °C
B 1/10 DIN, tolerance +/- 1/10 x (0,3 + 0,005 x t), operating temperature -196...+600 °C

Tolerances TC (IEC 60584)

Type J, tolerance class 1 = -40...375 °C +/- 1,5 °C, 375...750 °C +/- 0.004 x t
Type K and N, tolerance class 1 = -40...375 °C +/- .,5 °C, 375...1000 °C +/- 0.004 x t

Temperature range Pt100

-200...+550 °C

Temperature range TC

-200...+1200 °C depending on thermoelement type and thermowell material



Quality certificate

ISO 9001:2015 issued by DNV


IP65, higher IP-class on request

Welded well + Pt100/thermocouple sensing element - example code:


Code key, data sheet 4

Click to open the code key image


Pt100 wire colors
Pt100 wire colors
TC type J/K/N wire colors
TC type J/K/N wire colors

Installation example

Image below: Thermowell welded on a welded root sleeve. Please see more information on page: Welded root sleeves »

Installation, data sheet 4
Connection head options

Connection heads

Version D/H with quick release clip and blue epoxy lack finish is our standard, but for certain applications other types are better suited.

Connection heads are also available as accessories or spare parts, please see more on page Connection heads »

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