Ex i Temperature sensors

Ex i, intrinsically safe, for zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 or 22

The Ex i type EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors are either “Simple Electrical Devices” or Ex II 1G / 1D approved, and they are applicable for Ex zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22. 

  • The Ex i-type sensor is a Pt100 or TC sensor, which can also be used for dust areas.
  • The measuring circuit must be cabled to an Ex-approved Associated Equipment in safe area.
  • The product certificates give more detailed specifications, e.g. the ambient temperatures allowed for the approved sensors.
  • The currently approved sensor range is defined in certificates, and types are listed below.

Simple Electrical Device

  • Pt100 and TC sensors are both considered Simple Electrical Devices. When installed in an Ex i circuit the sensor itself has no need for ATEX/IECEx approval. If it has a connection head, it must comply with IP65 protection class and be equipped with a separate ground terminal. The whole circuit is intrinsically safe (I.S.) only when the sensor's outgoing measuring circuit is connected to an I.S.-approved device outside the Ex-area.


  • Lapp Automaatio Oy has been granted an ATEX Quality Assurance Notification EESF 18 ATEX Q 006, as required under EU directive 2014/34/EU. The notification, issued by Eurofins Expert Services Oy*, gives the right to manufacture temperature sensors with the protection concepts Ex d, Ex e, Ex i, Ex m and Ex t, for use in explosive atmospheres.
  • When ATEX certified Ex i-types are needed, we will manufacture sensors with approval markings: Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T6…T3 Ga, Ex II 1/2G Ex ib IIC T6…T3 Ga/Gb, Ex II 1D Ex ia IIIC T135 °C Da, Ex II 1/2D Ex ib IIIC T135 °C Da/Db. Please find the product certificate EESF 21 ATEX 043X from this link.
  • We manufacture Ex i-type approved sensors with many designs. Please contact our Ex-experts.


  • Lapp Automaatio Oy's sensor manufacturing operations have been assessed in an IECEx Quality Assessment Report FI/EESF/QAR18.0004 (link to the IECEx database), as required by the EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 standard. The auditing organization was Eurofins Expert Services Oy*. The report gives the right to manufacture Ex e, Ex t, Ex d, Ex m and Ex i type temperature sensors for use in explosive atmospheres and to apply for IECEx approval for them.
  • When IECEx product certified Ex i-types are needed, we will manufacture sensors with approval: Ex ia IIC T6…T3 Ga, Ex ib IIC T6…T3 Ga/Gb, Ex ia IIIC T135 °C Da, Ex ib IIIC T135 °C Da/Db.
  • IECEx product certificate can be downloaded here: IECEx EESF 21.0027X .

*NOTE! Name since 1.4.2022 is: Eurofins Electric & Electronics Finland Oy 

Product range

The range of Ex i approved temperature sensors

The currently approved sensor types according to certificates EESF 21 ATEX 043X and IECEx EESF 21.0027X are listed below.



 T-B-ØK / W-B-ØK

Threaded temperature sensor without neck pipe

 T-B-Ø / W-B-Ø

Threaded temperature sensor with neck pipe and thermowell

 T-F / W-F

Flanged temperature sensor

 T-D / W-D

Weldable temperature sensor

 T-A-Ø / W-A-Ø or T-A-Ø-U / W-A-Ø-U

Immersible temperature sensor

 T-H-12 / W-H-12

Threaded temperature sensor with neck pipe and sensing element

 T-M-Ø / W-M-Ø

Mineral insulated element


Acid proof temperature sensor for hygienic installation

 T-MP / W-MP or T-MPT / W-MPT

Multi-point temperature sensor

 T-M-303 / W-M-303 or T-M-302 / W-M-302

Mineral insulated thermocouple or resistance sensor with cable

 T-M-313 or T-M-314

Mineral insulated thermocouple insert with connector

 T-M-N / W-M-N

Mineral insulated insert with connection head





Temperature sensor with cable


Magnetic temperature sensor


Bearing temperature sensor


Threaded temperature sensor with cable


Indoor/outdoor resistance temperature sensor with metal enclosure




 T-M-P / W-M-P or T-P / W-P

Surface temperature sensor

 T-RO-M / W-RO-M or T-RO / W-RO

Pipe surface temperature sensor


Bayonet temperature sensor




 T-K / T-AK / T-AKK

Immersible thermocouple sensor with ceramic well


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