Coated sensors and wells

Sensors and thermowells with special coating

We can manufacture all metal surface sensors or thermowells also with special coatings.

The coating materials used are:

  • FEP - known as Teflon®, good for low temperatures, exhaust gases or various acids, resistant to sunlight
  • PFA - very similar to FEP, slightly better thermal stability and resistance to high temperatures than FEP
  • METCO - hardmetal coating, especially for applications where sensors are exposed to grinding like crude oil pipes (sand/stones), rock wool blasting etc.
  • HALAR - for anticorrosion applications
  • DIAMALLOY - corrosion protection, harder surface
  • other materials upon request.

The allowed temperature can vary on the range of -200...+1200 °C depending on the coating material.

The most common sensor types to be coated are:

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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