Installation example: Well welded on root sleeve
Welded root sleeves - dimensions

Welded root sleeves for welded thermowells

The root sleeve is first welded on the process pipe or container, and then bored to precise inner dimensions. After that the D1S/D4/D4S/D5 type thermowell is welded on the root sleeve.

The root sleeve material needs to be the same as the welded thermowell.

Welded root sleeves, as components:

Product number Type For well type
1025309 18-K D1S and D4S
1025312 18-L D1S and D4S
1025313 18-M D1S and D4S
918138 18-O D1S and D4S
912333 24-K D1, D4 and D5
912331 24-L D1, D4 and D5
912332 24-M D1, D4 and D5
912334 24-O D1, D4 and D5

Other materials and sizes are quoted upon request.

Complete RTD and TC sensors with welded wells (D1...D5) are presented on Datasheet 4.


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