Extending machine life cycle

With smarter preventive maintenance

Key Challenges

  • No connection to the products in the field
  • Product condition information based only on occasional maintenance operations
  • No data about real product usage
  • High warranty costs

Main Objectives

  • Continuous condition and usage data collection for key products
  • Possibility to remotely monitor both individual products and the whole machine fleet in real time
  • Valuable input for R&D, product management, maintenance services and sales

Top Actions

  • Wireless temperature, pressure and vibration measurement installed in selected products
  • LoRa based data collection to cloud service
  • Real time monitoring and automatic alarm system through IoTKey service portal
  • Data integrated or made available also for other systems like PLD/PDM, ERP

Direct Benefits

  • Less costly failures and unplanned downtime + efficient problem diagnostics
  • Extended product life cycle and lower warranty costs
  • New business with preventive maintenance services
  • Improved customer satisfaction and new end user machine data services
  • Valuable insight for product and service development


New name for the temperature sensors.

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