IoTKey® enables maintenance cost savings in the arms & ammunition industry

Sako, a manufacturer of hunting and precision firearms, introduced IoTKey® at their Riihimäki plant with the goal of achieving cost savings in maintenance and service operations. Thanks to the additional measurements and monitoring, Sako has been able to forecast maintenance-related needs and to reduce production disruptions, for example.

“IoTKey® has been up and running in our plant for a year and has enabled us to monitor temperatures, vibrations and humidity,” reports Matti Asunmaa, Sako’s Maintenance Engineer.

It has turned out to be an important way of optimizing plant maintenance. According to Asunmaa, the solution has paid itself back already – in less than a year.

“By monitoring the data received from the sensors, has enabled us to detect and respond to machine maintenance needs in time and proactively.”

For monitoring and analyzing the measurement data, Sako has introduced Remion Oy’s Regatta platform, which provides a complete visual environment for multiple usage of the information collected.

Lapp automaatio's solution is flexible. The measurement data can be routed to different systems, and a total solution tailored to the various needs can be built in cooperation with the customer and partners. 

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Lapp Automaatio now offers the possibility to install the IoTKey® wireless measurement and remote monitoring system in hazardous industrial environments.

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