Factory calibration for EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors

  • Factory calibrations are done with two calibration ovens, which perform in a temperature range of -25...+660 °C.

  • Factory calibration is recommended to be done in minimum two measuring points.

  • More calibration points can be used depending on the calibration temperature range.

  • Factory calibration can be done for RTD and TC sensors.

  • The minimum length of the sensor to be calibrated is 255 mm. This limitation does not apply to cable sensors.

  • Factory calibration can be executed for sensors with an outer diameter of 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm.

  • The calibration devices are able to work with single sensors or a combination of a sensor and transmitter connected together.

  • In the factory calibration service, customers get a calibration certificate which includes customer data, product data and calibration results with a measuring data table and graph.

  • If the factory calibration is not an adequate proof of measuring value deviation, we can - on customers’ behalf - have the sensors (and transmitters) send to an accredited laboratory for a third party laboratory calibration.

: What is calibration? | Why Calibrate?


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