Why is SKS Sensors now EPIC® SENSORS?


New name - yet the same temperature sensor

You might still remember our temperature sensors as SKS Sensors,but the brand is and has been for several years, EPIC® SENSORS.

The name change is due to the fact that in the spring of 2018 Lapp Automaatio (previously SKS Automaatio) became part of LAPP Group. At the time, we had the obligation to also renew our product range to match the LAPP brand.

LAPP has many strong brands and we see this new addition of temperature sensors to our worldwide portfolio of branded products and corporate network of sales companies in 41 countries as a great opportunity. EPIC® is a strong LAPP brand which until now has been allocated for our strong portfolio of industrial connectors. We have a strong belief that this will strengthen our commitment to serve our customers globally, wherever they are now and in the future.

The products and high-quality production, as well as experts helping with your product selections or potential challenges, are still the same. Only the name is new. It ensures that LAPP is committed in continuing to invest in development and technical support to produce our temperature sensors.

Welcome to the world of EPIC® SENSORS! We are the standard for temperature sensors in harsh environments!


Press release 20.12.2017 Changes in ownership - part of the Group was acquired by a new owner

SKS Group signed an agreement with the German LAPP Holding regarding an acquisition of companies that belong to SKS Group.

The board of SKS Group has confirmed the acquisition on the 18th of December 2017. The Competition Authorities are evaluating the agreement on acquisition. If the authorities will permit the acquisition, it will take place approximately in January and February 2018.

When and if the acquisition takes place, LAPP Holding will acquire the following companies SKS Automaatio Oy, SKS Connecto Oy and SKS Connecto Polska Sp. z.o.o.


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