Transmitting temperature displays

Displays with temperature sensor inputs


Part of the PR electronics display range is also able to perform as temperature transmitters; temperature sensor can be connected directly to input terminals, and output can be configured as analog output needed - this of course in addition to their local display function. All PR display units with temperature sensor input are listed below. Only some of them though have analog output function, which is needed for temperature transmitter applications. All display units mentioned below have inputs for TC or RTD sensors. Detailed product data and safety notes for each type are available by clicking the type number.

5714 - LED display, set-up by push buttons

  • 5714 A: display
  • 5714 B: display + 2 relays with changeover contacts
  • 5714 C: display + analog output
  • 5714 D: display + analog output + 2 relays.

5715 - LED display, freely programmable

  • 5715 B: display + 4 relays with changeover contacts
  • 5715 D: display + analog output + 4 relays.

Accessories for PR 57xx display units

  • 8335: transparent, flexible, PVC splash cover for PR display front
  • 8501: robust field installation enclosure for surface mounting, with a ready made cut-out for PR display units. Made of corrosion resistant aluminium, protected with a salt-water proof powder coating. All fixing accessories are made of acid proof stainless steel. Ingress protection IP65.

7501 - Dot matrix display, field mounted, with HART®-transmitter

  • 7501...1: field mounted IP54/66/68 enclosure, 96×64 pixel display, 3 optical buttons, 4-20 mA 2-wire output and HART®-connection
  • 7501...2: field mounted Ex d enclosure, 96×64 pixel display, 3 optical buttons, 4-20 mA 2-wire output and HART®-connection.

Other PR display types

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