Threaded thermowells with cooling neck

EPIC® SENSORS threaded thermowells with cooling neck



  • according to DIN 43772 form 2G
  • fitted to application with thread, no welding required
  • neck pipe, also known as cooling neck, for heat source clearance
  • used in applications where heat sensitive electronics, mainly transmitters, need clearance from heat source
  • neck pipe lenght typically 145 mm
  • allows separate insulator layer to be used between connection head and heat source
  • thermowell material according to the application
  • used to house mineral insulated temperature sensor element
  • allows easy replacement of sensor element, without interupting the process
  • gable gland for max Ø14 mm cable
  • ATEX compatible Ex db version available
  • 3D step models available on request.
Typical applications
  • energy and power plant technology
  • process industry 
  • chemical industry
  • machinery and vessel construction
  • manufacturing industry.
Also available with special coating. Complete threaded RTD or TC sensors with cooling neck wells are presented on Datasheet 2. Check out all our thermo wells!