The employee sports event brings 800 participants from 30 countries to Helsinki


LAPP Group organizes an international employee event in Helsinki at Bolt Arena from 30 June to 2 July. The football tournament will be held this summer for the 26th time and the volleyball tournament for the 21st time. The tournament had a three-year break due to the Corona pandemic, and it is organized in Finland for the first time. Be blown away by the exhilarating conclusion video! 

One LAPP together

LAPP Group is a family-owned company and the world's leading supplier of cables, cable accessories and systems. The company has two sister companies in Finland: Lapp Automaatio and Lapp Connecto. The German-based, globally operating company has more than 5,000 employees around the world. The company organizes an annual soccer and volleyball tournament that brings employees together for the weekend.

From a small event to one for everybody

The roots of the LAPP tournament date back to 1993, when the first football tournament was played between a few production units in France. The unique employee event started to grow rapidly over the years and currently there are around 800 participants.

"This is an opportunity for our employees to travel to another country and get to know its culture. This time around, many will travel to Finland for the first time ever. We are a global company, but still a close-knit family company. The cornerstone of our culture, One LAPP, becomes concrete at this event," says Jyri Kontio, who stepped into Lapp Automaatio’s  CEO shoes in June and also plays soccer in the tournament.

Participants from South Korea and Mexico

At the end of June 800 participants from 30 countries will arrive in Helsinki for the event weekend. For participants, the event offers not only an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues from around the world, but also an unforgettable experience.

"The family company culture is reflected in our everyday life as a sense of community. Many people have enjoyed working with us for a long time and experience the company as their own. Such an event brings our people together, regardless of role or location, and offers a unique opportunity to network and see the world," says HR manager Eeva Salo.

Technology and equality at the front

The event is held in different locations every year. In the past, the tournament has been played in, for example, Istanbul, Cape Town, Atlanta and Singapore. In the Nordics, the event has already been organized in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but this is the first time it takes place in Finland. After a long break, small changes have been made to the event.

For the first time, matches will be played with mixed teams, which suits Finland, which values equality. A communal mobile application will also be introduced at the tournament, with which employees can interact and share vibes tai the atmosphere during the event.

Sauna, ice bath and kantele - a blast of Finnish culture

Finnish culture is brought to the fore in many ways during the event weekend. Finnish delicacies are served at the dinners. And the program includes, for example, the Sámi rap artist Ailu Valle and the music virtuoso Lauri Schreck, who has brought traditional kantele music to this day. At the Bolt arena, all are welcome to try their SISU in the Ice Bath Challenge. And of course, they can also warm up in the sauna.

For more information turn to Paula Lindelöf, paula.lindelof(at)