Not just components – LAPP Automaatio expands its calibration services


We have previously offered calibration services also, but on a much smaller scale.

Preparing calibration

Preparing calibration

LAPP Automaatio, which began the EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors production in 1995, has recently made a significant investment in calibration services. 

Temperature sensors are crucial devices in various industrial applications where precise temperature measurement is essential. To ensure the reliability of a temperature sensor, regular calibration is necessary to maintain its accuracy at an adequate level.

"Our capacity has multiplied thanks to the new calibration equipment operating with oil baths. With them, we can calibrate even the smallest sensors, which was not possible before," says Markus Saarela, the product manager responsible for calibration services.

While LAPP Automaatio is well-known as a manufacturer of temperature sensors, its range of services extends beyond manufacturing. Services offered include installation services, product programming, and material certifications.

"The service starts from the selection or design of the product according to the customer's preferences. It's a bit like ordering a custom-made car: what color and features do you want? In the case of a sensor, the operating environment, for example, is a significant factor," says Saarela.

Calibration matters

Calibration determines the possible deviation in readings provided by a sensor. It ensures that the sensors are accurate and reliable, and that their measurement results are consistent with those of other sensors.

"Calibration can be a legal requirement in certain applications, such as the pharmaceutical or food industry. Now, we offer devices calibrated according to the customer's requirements, which is a significant advantage for customers because the devices are ready for immediate installation. Sensors are not purchased to wait for calibration," says Saarela.

Calibration equipment brings pleasure to LAPP Automaatio's own quality control.

"In certain situations, the sensor must be very accurate, and our devices are known for their precision. Industrial temperature sensors cannot be compared to, for example, home air heat pumps, even though they also have precise adjustments because the measurement errors of air heat pumps are not of great significance," notes Saarela.

However, in process industries, measurement accuracy can be of great importance. Maintaining accuracy within tight temperature limits can directly impact production quantities and, consequently, revenue.

"We can calibrate sensors in the range of -40 to 660 degrees Celsius. If the requirement is outside this range, we purchase calibration services from our partners. Also, certification calibrations required in certain situations involve the participation of a third party," says Saarela.

Customers in Finland and around the globe

LAPP Automaatio's EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors have been shipped from Finland to various parts of the world, including a fishing village in Alaska, where the storage of fish is monitored with temperature sensors.

"Our most common customers are domestic players in process industries or electric motor manufacturing, as well as oil refineries. A large number of measuring devices went to the new Metsä Fibre factory, but at the same time, we regularly supply sensors to Norwegian fishing vessels," Saarela concludes.