Standard types and colors

Cable standards and colors for thermocouples

Thermocouple types and colors according to IEC 60584 are listed below.
  • Cable materials are exactly same (X) or with similar electrical features (CA) with thermo materials.
  • Cable colors are presented acc. to IEC 60584, excluding U and L types, which are acc. to DIN 43710.
TC cable standards color codes EN

What is compensating cable (CA)?

Compensating cable

  • cable type is indicated with the letter CA (Compensating Alloys), e.g. for K type thermocouple the cable type is KCA.
  • wires have similar electrical features as the sensor's thermo wires, but they are not exactly same materials
  • this solution is more cost effective than extension wires, but the maximum temperature allowed is lower, depending on insulation materials in range of 100…200 °C.
Lapp Automaatio's stock items of cables for thermocouples are compensating cables.

What is extension cable (X)?

Extension cable or Extension wire

  • cable type is indicated with the letter X (eXtension), e.g. for K type thermocouple the cable type is KX.
  • wires are of exactly same materials as thermo wires of the sensor
  • these cables can reach even as high ambient temperature level as the thermocouple does.
TC = Thermocouple