Ex e / Ex tb Temperature sensors

Ex e / Ex t Temperature sensors

Ex e - increased safety, for gas zones 1 or 2
Ex tb - dust-protected enclosure, for dust areas.

The Ex e type EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors are Ex II 2G / 2D approved, and they are applicable for Ex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. 

  • The sensor is an ATEX and/or IECEx or EAC or KCs certified, Ex e-type, Pt100 or TC sensor, which can also be used for dust areas, thanks to its dust-protected Ex t enclosure.
  • The measuring circuit can be cabled to a safe area and to a standard device (no ATEX/IECEx requirements).
  • The product certificates give more detailed specifications, e.g. the ambient temperatures allowed for the approved sensors.  
  • The currently approved sensor range and product certificates are listed below.


  • Lapp Automaatio Oy has been granted an ATEX Quality Assurance Notification EESF 18 ATEX Q 006, as required under EU directive 2014/34/EU. The notification, issued by Eurofins Expert Services Oy*, gives the right to manufacture temperature sensors with the protection concepts Ex d, Ex e, Ex i, Ex m and Ex t, for use in explosive atmospheres. 
  • When ATEX certified sensor types are needed, we will manufacture e.g. Ex II 2G Ex e IIC T6...T3 Gb, Ex II 2D tb IIIC T60°C...T200°C Db approved sensors. Please find copies of the product certificates below.
  • We can manufacture and apply for authorization also for different kind of Ex e-designs, which are to be individually agreed. Please contact our Ex experts.


  • Lapp Automaatio Oy's sensor manufacturing operations have been assessed in an IECEx Quality Assessment Report FI/EESF/QAR18.0004 (link to the IEC database), as required by the EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 standard. The auditing organization was Eurofins Expert Services Oy*. The report gives the right to manufacture Ex e, Ex t, Ex d, Ex m and Ex i type temperature sensors for use in explosive atmospheres and to apply for IECEx approval for them. 
  • When IECEx product certified sensor types are needed, we will apply for authorization for existing sensor types or produce new ones. IECEx product certificates are applied for on request.

*NOTE! Name since 1.4.2022 is: Eurofins Electric & Electronics Finland Oy 


  • Selected Ex sensors are also approved for use in Euro Asian Customs Union area (EAC; Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan), according to the EAC certificate (please see Downloads section). 


  • Lapp Automaatio Oy's sensor manufacturing operations have also been audited by KTL Korea Testing Laboratory.
  • Selected Ex sensor types; WT-BAJONETTI...EX (W-Bayo...Ex), WT-KAAPELI...EX (W-Cable...Ex), T-M-303...Ex and W-M-303...Ex, are approved for use in Korea, according to applicable KCs certificates and audit conformity notification (please find copies in Downloads section).