EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors are certified for use in explosive environments


In September 2022, Ex i certification was granted for EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors. Ex i certified temperature sensors can be used in explosive environments. Uncertified sensors can also be used in Ex i circuits, but the use of certified sensors is much clearer and safer.

"With the Ex i certification, our customers can more easily design and calculate their Ex i circuits. This way we serve our customers even better, and we are certainly a more attractive option for new customers," says Product Group Manager Markus Saarela.

The Ex i certification granted to the sensors is an official document. According to Saarela, the certificate is especially important abroad, where operators may require an official certificate for the products they use.

"About 98% of our EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors can be manufactured as Ex i certified. This makes sales work easier for Finnish equipment manufacturers, as our sensors are used in devices which are sold mainly abroad. In addition, about 20-30% of the produced sensors are directly exported," says Saarela.

Finnish expertise
Lapp Automaatio's high-quality EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors are produced in Hyvinkää, Finland. The globally recognized sensor product range consists of high-quality standard products, in addition to the customized products tailored to the customer's specific needs. When Lapp Automaatio's experts ensure that the product is the right size and fit for the customer's needs, customers always receive a product that is suitable for the exact intended use.

Lapp Automaatio delivers about 50,000 temperature sensors annually to its customers. Equipment and machine manufacturers widely use them for example, in pulp and paper mills, electric motors, autoclaves, and power plants all over the world.

The mainly handcrafted sensors are tested during the production phase, which ensures first-class reliability for the products. All EPIC® SENSORS products are covered by a five-year warranty.

More information:
Markus Saarela, Product Group Manager, markus.saarela(at)lapp.com