New EPIC® SENSORS W-5802 resistance temperature sensor for demanding environments


Lapp Automation is the leading temperature measurement specialist in Finland. In many industrial sectors and at various process stages, it is important to know the exact temperatures. Lapp Automation has now added a new temperature sensor to its product range.

Lapp Automaatio’s sensors are widely used by equipment and machinery manufacturers in applications such as pulp and paper mills, electric motors, autoclaves, and power plants around the world.

The new compact EPIC® SENSORS W-5802 resistance temperature sensor with a transmitter is suitable for use in confined and demanding environments. Typical applications include mobile machinery, small electric motors, and small power plants, i.e., virtually any confined installation space where there is no room for a large connection head.

"The EPIC® SENSORS W-5802 temperature sensor is the most robust sensor in the market for such applications. The bendable sensor body allows the sensor to be bent, for example, against the side of the machine, making it ideal for mobile machinery installations. The sensor is not only bendable, but also robust. It is one-of-a-kind temperature sensor on the market," says Markus Saarela, Product Group Manager at Lapp Automation. 

These bendable EPIC® SENSORS W-5802 temperature sensor are three and six millimetres thick. The external parts of the sensor are made entirely of acid-resistant steel. The integrated 4-20 mA transmitter ensures reliable transmission of the measurement signal.

Accurate temperature measurement with 30 years’ experience

Lapp Automaatio’s EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors are manufactured in Hyvinkää, Finland. Approximately 50 000 temperature sensors are delivered to customers every year. The product range includes standard products but can also be tailored to the customers’ needs. 

All sensors, which are mainly handcrafted, are always tested during the production phase, which guarantees first-class reliability. All EPIC® SENSORS products have a five-year guarantee. 

Customer deliveries of the new EPIC® SENSORS W-5802 sensors started in March 2023.

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