10 Mineral insulated thermocouple or resistance sensor with cable

EPIC® SENSORS T-M-303 / W-M-303 or T-M-302 / W-M-302


Mineral insulated thermocouple or resistance sensor with cable.
EPIC® SENSORS for demanding applications!

The super accurate, and precise mineral insulated thermocouple with a temperature range, from -200 to +350 °C is suitable for all your temperature measurement requirements. In addition to the sensor's high accuracy level, the tip is conveniently bendable and vibration proof.  Get accurate information if the temperature level fluctuates. Suitable for vaccine transportation, for example vaccines for COVID-19 must be stored in -70 °C temperature through the storage and transportation phases. Features
  • according to DIN 43721
  • temperature range -200...+1200 °C
  • Pt100 or thermocouple as sensing element
  • AISI 316L or INCONEL 600 as standard delivery material, other materials on request
  • Pt100 accuracy class A as standard delivery
  • thermocouple accuracy class 1 as standard delivery
  • MI cable structured sensor element
  • bendable
  • vibration proof
  • ATEX and IECEx compatible Ex e and Ex i versions available
  • 3D step models available on request.

Typical applications
  • energy and power plant technology
  • process industry
  • chemical industry
  • machinery and vessel construction
  • manufacturing industry.
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