25 Mineral insulated temperature sensor for multipoint measurement



Mineral insulated temperature sensor for multipoint measurements is suitable for example in the steel industry, especially in chill molds. EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors are suitable for multiple industrial needs.

  • according to DIN 43721
  • temperature range -200...+1200 °C
  • AISI 316L or INCONEL 600 as standard delivery material, other materials on request
  • customer specific lengths
  • customer specific amount of measurement points
  • MI cable structured sensor element
  • depending on the customer application, the sensor element can be constructed as a bendable or non-bendable element
  • vibration proof
  • thermocouple as sensing element
  • thermocouple accuracy class 1 as standard delivery
  • EMI shielded version available
  • 3D step models available on request.

Typical applications
  • steel industry, chill molds
  • energy and power plant technology
  • process industry
  • chemical industry
  • machinery and vessel construction
  • manufacturing industry.
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